Employment Law Vs. Labor Law – How They Are Different?

If you glance for the meaning of “employment”, couple of different words will emerge:  work, trade, and labor. These are the names associated to employment for which people are paid.

But these fields of practice are different when it comes to the terms “employment law” & “labor law.”

The difference between these two is numbers & the specific way in which employment rights handled and enforced procedurally. Employment law interacts with the rights of the individual, where else the labour lawyers Mississauga deals with employee & collective groups through forums like trade unions.

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In general, the Calgarians, employment law seems to be more applicable, many of us are unionized workers. Approximately 6% of the citizenry here in Canada will fall under labour lawyers Mississauga provincially & require additional representation between the cooperative unions & their employers. This number is probably even smaller in Calgary & is concerned with government workers, provincial, federal or municipal.

We represent non-unionized employees at the YYC Employment Law Group. However, we often assist unionized employees in making sure that their rights are correctly addressed & enforced in interactions with the union people. We are committed to supporting Calgary-based employees fight for freedom in the workplace & are here to promote you if you need legal advice at workplace-related to any kind of legal problem.

Read on to find out why employment law & labour lawyer Mississauga are not always the same thing.

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Employment law: the focus on the relationship employer

Employment law is unique which focuses on employee’s relationship with the employer. Employment lawyers work with the terms, circumstances, and agreements which are described in employment contracts between the two parties.

Employment lawyers include the more common situations addressed:

  • Harassment, bullying & discrimination
  • Human Rights
  • Non-Competition/Non-disclosure agreements/Non-Solicitation
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Constructive dismissal & breach of contract
  • Severance reviews & entitlements

But it is not just the fine printing on contracts that job lawyers review. Also, there are standards that employers need to maintain in the place of work (i.e., holiday, payment wages, and vacation pay, leaves of absence, termination, to name a few), all of which described in an Alberta Employment Standards Code. When an employer fails to comply with these statutory requirements & regulations, seeking legal advice would justify their employees.

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As discussed, the rules on minimum wage, statutory holidays, extra hours, & deductions are all aspects of this Code, & the Province is particular about how employers need to comply with regulation. Much of our time was spent making sure that the employer’s statutory requirements under the Code met.

To this moment, the “common law” (i.e., the judge granted rule in the courts) applies and contributes to worker rights vis-à-vis the applicant. We continually evaluating the developments in case law throughout the courts of an Alberta as they were related to your employee rights & these typically vary from Province to Province.

Thus labour lawyers Mississauga helps you at times of difficulty. Get more insights by reading here!