Child Sponsorship Lawyer in Toronto: The Procedure

Who can sponsor?

If you are residing in Canada, then you are eligible to sponsor common-law partner or spouse or associated dependent child only if:

  • You are a citizen of Canada or Permanent Resident in Canada
  • You are eighteen years or older
  • The individual that you want to sponsor meet the criteria as a common-law partner or spouse or associated dependent child.
  • You and your partner or spouse both sign an agreement proving that each one of you knows your responsibilities and obligations
  • You reside in Canada and continue to stay in Canada after the supported person obtains citizenship status
  • You have to sign a responsibility promising note to support and provide the essential requirements of your common-law partner or spouse or associated dependent child.

Child Sponsorship Lawyers

All these requirements are applicable only when you want to sponsor a dependent child who has dependent kids of their own. To apply for sponsorship, you have to provide documents that contain your past 12 months financial resources information.  You can consult with a Child Sponsorship Lawyer Toronto to further clarify the requirements.

Significant Notes:

Five-Year Sponsorship Bar: If you are residing in Canada as a sponsored partner or spouse, then you are not qualified to sponsor another new partner or spouse until you stayed in Canada for a 5-year period from the day you stepped into the Country.

Work Permits: Your common-law partner or spouse can apply for a work permit even while your sponsorship request is under process and is finalized.  If you are sponsoring a fresh application, then you may provide a work permit request simultaneously along with your sponsorship application.

Who is a common-law partner or spouse?

For sponsorship intention, both common-law partners and spouses or associated dependent child must:

  • Contain a legitimate travel document or passport
  • Stay with you in Canada
  • Contain a legitimate immigration status in the country
  • Must be eighteen years or older, and
  • Be you common-law partner or spouse for legitimate reasons and not mainly for the reason of obtaining Canadian Citizenship

For support or sponsorship reasons, a spouse is:

  • Wedded to you in a lawfully applicable civil marriage

Same-sex and opposite marriages will be documented:

If you got married in Canada, then you must be having a marriage certificate from the territory or province where you got wedded.  However, if you have not married in Canada, then you should provide the marriage certificate from the country where you got married.

For sponsorship reasons, a common-law partner is: Of opposite or same sex:

If you are living together in a conjugal relationship, then you must live together for twelve months continuously, without any break including the time you are away for business reasons or family issues. You must provide evidence that you have been living together for past 12-months.

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Who is a dependent child?

A Dependent child might be your own kid or the individual’s kid who you are sponsoring. To sponsor dependent children, they must:

  • Have depended significantly on monitory support of a parent before the age of twenty-two and incapable to support for themselves due to health conditions.
  • Be under 22-years of age and not married or having a partner.

Get more details about sponsoring your common-law partner or spouse or an associated depended child at IMM5289 Sopron’s guide before you apply for a sponsorship.  For more info, get in touch with a child sponsorship lawyer Toronto to enhance your chances of getting your application processed!

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