Why And When Do You Need A Family Lawyer In Oakville

We indeed live in dire times where we can trust no one. With greed and dishonesty on the rise, it is always better to have a lawyer by your side in case of any eventuality. With an experienced family lawyer, they believe that all clients deserve the best legal advice they can get. Our team of expert lawyers and advocates make sure that you never find yourself in a comprising situation. Are you still wondering why it is beneficial for you to hire a law firm? Read the following pros of hiring Oakville Family & Divorce Lawyer and decide for yourself.

Oakville Family & Divorce Lawyer

Divorce situations

Legal proceedings for divorces are more often than not very complicated and time taking processing. Since it is already an emotionally draining situation, save yourself from getting drained out on all your resources and money with the help of a lawyer’s expertise. Whether it be decisions about assets, alimony or child support our firm can provide you with the best legal services to make things a little easier for you and your near and dear ones. Divorce is a difficult issue and the responsibility of making it easier should only be given to the experts who know their way around this world of justice.

Adoption issues

It is indeed the world’s greatest joy to have a child. Whether you bear or adopt a child doesn’t make any difference to the joy it provides you. Adoption may be the kindest thing one can do on this planet. However, no matter how noble your cause is, the legal proceedings for adoption are more often than not very messy and mucky. Lack of expertise may even result in creative massive hindrances in the adoption process. If you are looking forward to adopting and are looking for some legal support, do consider an experienced Oakville Family & Divorce Lawyer. We believe in your noble cause and will make sure your adoption process is easy and quick.

Oakville Family & Divorce Lawyer

Child Custody

This is a sub-issue that arises when parents having a minor child get divorced. It is indeed a terrifying experience for the child to see their parents get separated. A long driven fight for custody will only add to the mental burdens of the child. We believe that our expertise will easily help to resolve even the most complicated child custody cases.


We know how important guardianship is for you and your family. Life is indeed unpredictable and it is always better to have a guardian in case things don’t turn out to be in your favor. A guardianship case is more often than not a very complicated process requiring tonnes of paperwork and legal proceedings. Having a good law firm is the best thing you can do to avoid the complications in such scenarios.

Oakville Family & Divorce Lawyer

These are a few of the reasons why you should consider hiring a legal firm for yourself. There are many events that can happen to you that would need strong legal support. Get in touch with a reputed law firm and you will never have to worry about that.

Employment Law Vs. Labor Law – How They Are Different?

If you glance for the meaning of “employment”, couple of different words will emerge:  work, trade, and labor. These are the names associated to employment for which people are paid.

But these fields of practice are different when it comes to the terms “employment law” & “labor law.”

The difference between these two is numbers & the specific way in which employment rights handled and enforced procedurally. Employment law interacts with the rights of the individual, where else the labour lawyers Mississauga deals with employee & collective groups through forums like trade unions.

labour lawyers mississauga

In general, the Calgarians, employment law seems to be more applicable, many of us are unionized workers. Approximately 6% of the citizenry here in Canada will fall under labour lawyers Mississauga provincially & require additional representation between the cooperative unions & their employers. This number is probably even smaller in Calgary & is concerned with government workers, provincial, federal or municipal.

We represent non-unionized employees at the YYC Employment Law Group. However, we often assist unionized employees in making sure that their rights are correctly addressed & enforced in interactions with the union people. We are committed to supporting Calgary-based employees fight for freedom in the workplace & are here to promote you if you need legal advice at workplace-related to any kind of legal problem.

Read on to find out why employment law & labour lawyer Mississauga are not always the same thing.

labour lawyers mississauga

Employment law: the focus on the relationship employer

Employment law is unique which focuses on employee’s relationship with the employer. Employment lawyers work with the terms, circumstances, and agreements which are described in employment contracts between the two parties.

Employment lawyers include the more common situations addressed:

  • Harassment, bullying & discrimination
  • Human Rights
  • Non-Competition/Non-disclosure agreements/Non-Solicitation
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Constructive dismissal & breach of contract
  • Severance reviews & entitlements

But it is not just the fine printing on contracts that job lawyers review. Also, there are standards that employers need to maintain in the place of work (i.e., holiday, payment wages, and vacation pay, leaves of absence, termination, to name a few), all of which described in an Alberta Employment Standards Code. When an employer fails to comply with these statutory requirements & regulations, seeking legal advice would justify their employees.

labour lawyers mississauga

As discussed, the rules on minimum wage, statutory holidays, extra hours, & deductions are all aspects of this Code, & the Province is particular about how employers need to comply with regulation. Much of our time was spent making sure that the employer’s statutory requirements under the Code met.

To this moment, the “common law” (i.e., the judge granted rule in the courts) applies and contributes to worker rights vis-à-vis the applicant. We continually evaluating the developments in case law throughout the courts of an Alberta as they were related to your employee rights & these typically vary from Province to Province.

Thus labour lawyers Mississauga helps you at times of difficulty. Get more insights by reading here!

Trial begins for Toronto Criminal Lawyer caught with Child Porn

Jamuar Vijaya a criminal defense lawyer has been arrested for the charges of accessing and possessing child pornography, but after nineteen months, he said he is not guilty when he was accused on the charges.

Vijaya, a 56-year old, who use to look clean-shaved and well-dressed criminal lawyer, looks heavier in real life than he looked in his past pictures.  He wore a black shirt with a red logo and blue jeans along with a leather coat and appeared during his judge-alone trial before Justice Daniel Moore.

sexual assault lawyer Toronto

Scott Hutchison, the appointed sexual assault lawyer Toronto for Vijaya told Moore that his client asked for forgiveness for he appeared in the court, and he added due to health reasons, he is unable to fit in most of his court clothes.

Lisa Henderson, an assistant Crown Attorney called Toronto Police Sgt. Michele bond, her first witness. He worked in the TPC EU (Toronto Police Child Exploitation Unit) on 10th October 2013 when she got a phone call from Const. Kenny Lam from 32 Division. She confirmed that Lam told her that she was downloading family photos as she wants to leave her husband. During downloading her family pictures she supposedly saw child pornography on her husband Vijaya’s laptop.

According to Bond, Lap put the appellant, whose name is guarded by a periodical ban, on the telephone. She confirmed that the woman who recognized herself as a Jamuar Vijaya’s wife “She started crying on the phone.”

Bond informed to court that when she asked the wife of the accused, she said that her girlfriend came to help her to download pictures and files from the laptop belongs to her husband and when her friend saw the files that have child porn text files and images in his laptop.

She told Vijaya’s wife about the child porn pictures and naked pre-teen girls illustrated as “underdeveloped.” Her friend also reported that she found text files in a stories folder, one labeled as “She was a perfect eight-year-old.”

The wife of Vijaya told that they had two daughters, one is three and a half years old and the other one is twenty months old.  Bond suggested Lam make sure not to leave the laptop unattended and said she knew a hard drive and a laptop existed. Bond also said that she spoke to the Vijaya’s wife’s friend who told her saw sketches of an about 13-year-old girl, with small breasts, waist up. Her friend also said that she saw videos and stories. One of the videos was labeled as “40Virgin” and other was entitled “I screwed my daughter’s friend.”

Bond told Henderson that it was a very distress accuser and in the house, they have two small children. The accuser had to be confined and the data had to be secured. Bond also said that she came in a taxi to 32 Division where she interviewed and videotaped the wife of Vijaya and her friend, but not under oath. She added that she cautioned Vijaya’s wife as she herself a lawyer so we hope that she understood the severity and the importance of the evidence.



Child Sponsorship Lawyer in Toronto: The Procedure

Who can sponsor?

If you are residing in Canada, then you are eligible to sponsor common-law partner or spouse or associated dependent child only if:

  • You are a citizen of Canada or Permanent Resident in Canada
  • You are eighteen years or older
  • The individual that you want to sponsor meet the criteria as a common-law partner or spouse or associated dependent child.
  • You and your partner or spouse both sign an agreement proving that each one of you knows your responsibilities and obligations
  • You reside in Canada and continue to stay in Canada after the supported person obtains citizenship status
  • You have to sign a responsibility promising note to support and provide the essential requirements of your common-law partner or spouse or associated dependent child.

Child Sponsorship Lawyers

All these requirements are applicable only when you want to sponsor a dependent child who has dependent kids of their own. To apply for sponsorship, you have to provide documents that contain your past 12 months financial resources information.  You can consult with a Child Sponsorship Lawyer Toronto to further clarify the requirements.

Significant Notes:

Five-Year Sponsorship Bar: If you are residing in Canada as a sponsored partner or spouse, then you are not qualified to sponsor another new partner or spouse until you stayed in Canada for a 5-year period from the day you stepped into the Country.

Work Permits: Your common-law partner or spouse can apply for a work permit even while your sponsorship request is under process and is finalized.  If you are sponsoring a fresh application, then you may provide a work permit request simultaneously along with your sponsorship application.

Who is a common-law partner or spouse?

For sponsorship intention, both common-law partners and spouses or associated dependent child must:

  • Contain a legitimate travel document or passport
  • Stay with you in Canada
  • Contain a legitimate immigration status in the country
  • Must be eighteen years or older, and
  • Be you common-law partner or spouse for legitimate reasons and not mainly for the reason of obtaining Canadian Citizenship

For support or sponsorship reasons, a spouse is:

  • Wedded to you in a lawfully applicable civil marriage

Same-sex and opposite marriages will be documented:

If you got married in Canada, then you must be having a marriage certificate from the territory or province where you got wedded.  However, if you have not married in Canada, then you should provide the marriage certificate from the country where you got married.

For sponsorship reasons, a common-law partner is: Of opposite or same sex:

If you are living together in a conjugal relationship, then you must live together for twelve months continuously, without any break including the time you are away for business reasons or family issues. You must provide evidence that you have been living together for past 12-months.

child sponsorship lawyer toronto

Who is a dependent child?

A Dependent child might be your own kid or the individual’s kid who you are sponsoring. To sponsor dependent children, they must:

  • Have depended significantly on monitory support of a parent before the age of twenty-two and incapable to support for themselves due to health conditions.
  • Be under 22-years of age and not married or having a partner.

Get more details about sponsoring your common-law partner or spouse or an associated depended child at IMM5289 Sopron’s guide before you apply for a sponsorship.  For more info, get in touch with a child sponsorship lawyer Toronto to enhance your chances of getting your application processed!

Check out our Toronto immigration lawyer partner:

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Phone: (416)225-9800

Website: https://www.immigrationway.com

Getting a LMIA application approved

When a Canadian employer wants to hire a person of foreign nationality, there is the clause of first getting approval from the government before the hiring process begins. The Labour Market Impact Assessment which was earlier known as Labour Market opinion has gone ahead and issued these policies. To get a positive approval from the LMIA, the Canadian government employee must justify the reasons for reviewing the application as well as show that the hiring of this particular employee will bring in a positive or neutral effect on the government. It is better to consult the best immigration lawyer Toronto while going through this process.

immigration lawyer in toronto

Types of workers

Apart from the mentioned clause, the employer must also show that for the hiring of the employee of foreign origin no qualified Canadian personnel was skipped and the salary of the foreign worker will be fixed as per the federal and provincial standards. This process, which comes under the LMIA is considerably different when it comes to the hiring of low wage and high wage workers. The workers who are paid on a temporary basis, which comes under the provincial or territorial wage will come under this category of low wage workers.

There are certain provisions which will be applied based on the category of the workers. The best immigration lawyer Toronto suggests that when hiring the foreign employee the employers must provide evidence of trying to hire a Canadian employee, but failed to find a suitable and qualified employee for the mentioned job. Also, after hiring the foreign employee the Government will conduct inspections to check after the employee starts working in the company.

best immigration lawyer toronto

What about high wage workers?

The workers who are paid a salary which is above the median hourly wage in the case of a specified work in a specified region will come under the category of high wage workers. The best immigration lawyer Toronto goes by, adding that while hiring the high wage workers of foreign nationals, the company must ensure the Government that Canadian workers were tried in the hiring process but it did not work out well. The transition plans must be submitted along with the process. Also, steps to reduce the reliance on the foreign workers must be taken while going with the process.

This transition will make sure that the foreign workers who are employed for the job are fulfilling the purpose of the job. This will make sure that the hiring of the foreign workers will be taken as a last resort only.

The case of low wage workers

The best immigration lawyer Toronto suggests that in the case of low wage workers the employer will not have to go through the transition plans. However, there are a differing set of guidelines to be followed here. In order to facilitate the employment of the Canadian workers, a cap is put on the number of employees of foreign nations that can be hired in a company. A ten percent cap is maintained until now, which is to restrict access to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Here are more reasons to consult with an immigration lawyer!


How do Private Investigators operate?


Private investigator MississaugaMany of don’t know that you can actually hire a private investigator, if not for acting James Bond, but for actually solving a few personal or business problems. You might want to keep tabs on someone that you feel threatened by or someone who is a rival in business, and if you are rich and important then you might need to rule out potential threats. Private investigator Mississauga can help you find the right detective for your exclusive issue.

What you need to know?

You cannot rely on popular culture impressions of private detectives while looking for one in real life. That’s because it does not work that way in practical life. They will provide you with vital information on the person you are investigating, and might even save your life in more ways than one.

Mississauga private investigator

There are investigators who can handle different cases, the most popular one although is that of betrayal in marriage. Suspicion about one’s partner is a very common issue, often there are complaints of something being uncanny. Private investigator Mississauga says that clients often base their suspicion on a hunch, but a hunch is not evidence. Without evidence they also do not want to confront their spouses. So they decide to hire a detective.

There is another popular issue that investigators have to deal with very often, and that is a missing person’s case. many times police give up investigating on a missing person too soon, that is when PIs come to the fore. Private investigator Mississauga points out that detectives can be sometimes more useful even than the police.

Another major issue is business wrongdoing. Large companies often have issues like industrial espionage, or an employee being an informant to the rival company. To rule out such suspicions many a time people hire a detective to do the job. These are people who deal with lots of money and financial issues. A single misstep could mean the end of the organization so the safe keeping of information becomes a top priority.

Who are they?

Honestly the type of cases that detectives work on are endless, and of great variety. Most detectives at private investigator Mississauga also have military or police background, and have lots of training in research and surveillance. They pay attention to details, and their work is always accurate. They are also trained in combat if that is required.


Hire Them

You might keep deliberating what the right time to hire a detective is. But it is better not to wait too long. If you have a suspicion regarding anything or anyone and feel threatened or betrayed, you can build a legal case on the evidences that our detectives will gather for you. So contact private investigator Mississauga and hire a detective who will have regards for your sensitivity as well as gather efficient, genuine and accurate information on which you can build a legal case against your wrong doer, or even find out a long lost loved one and be reunited with them.

Toronto Immigration Lawyer Can Help All People Who Do Not Qualify For CRS Round

One of the important attributes of Canadian Immigration System is that it sees a wide range of people immigrating to the country for various reasons, such as better living conditions, improved opportunities for growth, and so on. However, immigrating to Canada is not that easy as one might of it. The immigration process is lightly complex. With Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) making huge changes in the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) the process of entering into Canada is going to get far more difficult. In case, you don’t remain aware of the changes, Toronto immigration lawyer can help you out.

express entry canada

Ways to Enter Canada

Express Entry System is a brand new way through which Canada controls the huge number of applicants who applies for Canadian immigration process. However, the changes that is going to be made in the Express Entry System  is going to affect those who wants to apply for Canadian immigration or permanent residency under the following programs like Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class Program, and Federal Skilled Worker Program.

How The Change Can Affect Applicants?

The Toronto immigration lawyer can help the applicants to know about the changes and how it can affect their application. Without a strong score in the CRS, a candidate may not qualify for the immigration. In fact, as per the latest changes Express Entry candidates who don’t have strong French language skills will lose valuable points and will score low in the CRS. In the same way, previously, the system didn’t provide any points to candidates with siblings in Canada. But now if any candidate has any siblings they can gain more points.

immigration lawyer toronto

How The Lawyers Can Help?

The processing time of the immigration application and PR can be very long. However, the application must be filled correctly. If it is not done correctly, the application may get rejected.

In case, a candidate fails to qualify for the CRS round, Toronto immigration lawyer can be very helpful. They can tell candidates various ways through which they can improve their CRS score next time when they apply for it.

Tell You Other Options

In case an applicant fails to qualify the CRS, immigration lawyer surrey can provide the various options available to the candidates for immigrating to Canada. One such option is the spousal sponsorship program. They can be sponsored by a permanent Canada resident for sponsoring their immigration. The immigration lawyer can help in filing the applications correctly.

Another way for immigrating to Canada is by obtaining a work or a study permit. In fact, a good lawyer will ensure that you have filled your documents correctly so that you can get your immigration visa easily. After your application gets qualifies, they will see that you have settled down properly without facing any legal issues. A good Toronto immigration lawyer will educate the clients about PR laws so that you don’t face any problems.

It is very important to hire a professional lawyer especially when you plan to settle in Canada. They will help you to handle your immigration in a smooth way.

Toronto Criminal Lawyers Can Reduce Your Convicted Charge

Facing any kind of criminal charge can be very intimidating for any person. When a person is charged of a crime in Toronto, they will not only be forced to serve jail time and provide huge fine, but it can also get them a criminal record. Thus, it can be stated that as soon as a person is convicted of a criminal charge they should get in touch with leading Toronto criminal lawyers.

Fighting Criminal Charges with the Help Criminal Attorney

If you face an arrest for a crime that you or you may not have committed, then don’t try to take the laws in your own hand. Even if it sounds tempting to represent and fight the case on one‘s own, it would be better if one takes the help of a legal expert like criminal attorneys.

One should always fight their criminal charges with the help of criminal attorneys because Toronto criminal lawyers have wide years of experience in this field. They know the law very well and can easily provide advice on the steps that needs to be immediately taken by their clients.

In fact, the wide years of experience would make the process of navigation through the complicated law procedures very easy. For example, the attorney knows very well the steps that can be taken immediately after criminal arrest in order the interest of the clients. In short, it can be said that the attorneys will do their best in order to completely dismiss the charges or even less it.

toronto criminal lawyer

How A Criminal Lawyer Can Reduce The Charges?

There are many ways through which criminal attorneys can reduce the charges. They are:

Post Conviction Remedy

When an accused feel that they didn’t receive a fair judgment then the accused person can pot for post-conviction remedies. The Toronto criminal lawyers being highly knowledgeable can easily challenge the results handed by lower court. The lawyer may file a motion for a new trial and their high skill can go long in ensuring success of post-conviction remedies.

Apply for Reduction or Dismissal

Any top criminal lawyer after going through the case successfully can apply to reduce or dismiss the charge. They can talk with the prosecutor and file a motion. When the prosecutors can’t provide valid reasons for objection the charges can be reduced or dismissed.

Plea Bargaining

Toronto criminal lawyers can negotiate a plea bargain with the court and persecution. For this the accused can plead guilty for small crimes in order to get the charges of higher crimes get dropped. The penalties would be benignant in this case. Basically, a criminal lawyer can try to convince the prosecutor to reduce the number of charges in lieu of fine.

If you want to have a clean criminal record in Toronto or at the most you want your criminal charges to be reduced, you can take the help of skilled Toronto criminal lawyers. They will do their best in order to reduce or dismiss the misdemeanor or felony charges. If one hires an unskilled lawyer it can be inimical for the case.

Getting Refugee Application Approved In Canada with the Help of an Immigration Lawyer

Canada is a country which welcomes immigrants with an open heart. Many immigrants from all across the world are trying to settle down in Canada because of its stable economy and better job opportunities.

Canada provides refugee protection to people who have faced expulsion in their home country or the country where they have been living for long. Individuals can make refugee claim within Canada, when they arrive at the country by sea or land.

Refugee Status

In order to qualify for the refugee status in Canada, one needs to meet the following criteria. They are:

  • Convention Refugees Abroad

They are the persons whose case has been determined by an adjudicating body of the country of asylum or by the UNHCR. They easily meet the refugee definition which states that persons who live on the fear of facing expulsion based on race, political opinion, religion, or for being a member of a particular group. They have no solutions for resettling.

  • Country of Asylum Class

They are the persons who are facing a refugee like situation and do not qualify for Convention Refugees. In order to qualify for this category, the refugees are must remain outside their home country or have been affected by civil war.

A Canada immigration official decides if the claim for the refugee should be taken into consideration or not. If the refugee claim is made at the border crossing, then coming to a quick decision is possible. However, in case the claim is made at an immigration office inside Canada, the decision process can take a long time.

immigration lawyer

Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

If you are planning to make a refuge claim should try to avoid lengthy periods of time for entering Canada. Each application for refugee status is evaluated by the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB). IRB considers many factors.

Hiring an immigration attorney who provides full range of immigration services can be very beneficial when filling the immigration application form. The reasons are:

In case a visa officer has any sort of question about the application, it can delay the processing. Sometimes it can even lead to rejection of the applications. Then the applicant needs to reapply. An immigration lawyer can help the applicants by carefully reviewing and preparing the application. It can reduce backlogs and the application must be processed swiftly.

An immigration application can get rejected if it is not accompanied with right documents, especially when one is applying under any program. Hiring an efficient immigration lawyer can help clients to arrange the necessary documents and file the application.

An immigration lawyer helps clients during the hearing with the Refugee Protection Division. During the hearing IRB listens to the applicant’s plea and their need for getting protection as they do not feel safe in their home country. An immigration lawyer helps clients to get prepared for the hearing.

In case the refugee claim gets rejected, lawyer can help clients in appealing to the Refugee Appeal Division by filing the Notice of Appeal form. As long as the case goes, a good lawyer will always remain by the side of the client. For more information about refugee application contact a Toronto immigration lawyer or our location:

Business: Ronen Kurzfeld Immigration Lawyer Toronto
Address: 110 Sheppard Ave E Suite #630, North York, ON M2N 6Y8
Phone: (647) 490-2033
Website: https://www.immigrationway.com

Fighting Your Case with the Help of Toronto Criminal Attorney

If you have been charged of a crime, it is always better to take the services of a Toronto criminal attorney. It is crucial to hire an experienced lawyer as being professionals they can easily represent your case in the court. Usually, prefer to handle their cases on their own. Or, you might feel inclined to let things go and allow the justice system triumph, as you know that you have done no wrong. However, it’s better to take the help of an experienced lawyer for representing your case. They can help you to get fair trial.

Meet Your Lawyer

In order to ensure the fact that the lawyer is qualified enough, to represent you in the court, it becomes important to meet the attorney in advance. The criminal defense attorney will try to listen to the case in details. Then they will try to prepare a strategy which can help clients to be proved as innocent.

criminal lawyer toronto

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

Expertise of Criminal Lawyer

In Toronto the criminal justice is very complicated. It involves various levels of intricacies. When you get charged with a criminal offense, a criminal defense attorney can guide you through the steps that need to be taken. Firstly, you must ensure that the attorney is specialized in federal criminal law. As federal criminal charges have maximum sentences and huge financial penalties. Therefore, while choosing a criminal attorney, it is important to understand their expertise.


Based on the nature of allegation, a criminal lawyer can help to prevent criminal charges filed against you. The lawyer can easily manage the flow of information between the accused and law enforcement officer. They can guide clients on what information to share and what not to share.


After an arrest, the main aim of a person is to get out of jail. Criminal defense attorney can represent clients during bail hearings. In fact, a lawyer will try to squabble with the attorney to ensure that you get a good deal for the information that you are going to provide.


Criminal defense attorneys will carry out through investigation and research on the evidences and cross examine witnesses in order to prove you innocent. They will see to it all facts are presented in front of the jury.


During trial a criminal attorney will try to represent the supportive facts for your case. He will also try to highlight that the state has not been able to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt.

Plea Agreement

An effective Toronto criminal attorney will try to make plea bargains for the clients. Being experiences, they will know if the plea that is being offered to you is good or not. They can even help clients by getting the charges dropped or reduced.

If you are charged with a crime, which you have not committed, it’s better to take the help of a criminal defense attorney. They will fight your case and protect you from getting convicted.