Toronto Immigration Lawyer Can Help All People Who Do Not Qualify For CRS Round

One of the important attributes of Canadian Immigration System is that it sees a wide range of people immigrating to the country for various reasons, such as better living conditions, improved opportunities for growth, and so on. However, immigrating to Canada is not that easy as one might of it. The immigration process is lightly complex. With Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) making huge changes in the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) the process of entering into Canada is going to get far more difficult. In case, you don’t remain aware of the changes, Toronto immigration lawyer can help you out.

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Ways to Enter Canada

Express Entry System is a brand new way through which Canada controls the huge number of applicants who applies for Canadian immigration process. However, the changes that is going to be made in the Express Entry System  is going to affect those who wants to apply for Canadian immigration or permanent residency under the following programs like Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class Program, and Federal Skilled Worker Program.

How The Change Can Affect Applicants?

The Toronto immigration lawyer can help the applicants to know about the changes and how it can affect their application. Without a strong score in the CRS, a candidate may not qualify for the immigration. In fact, as per the latest changes Express Entry candidates who don’t have strong French language skills will lose valuable points and will score low in the CRS. In the same way, previously, the system didn’t provide any points to candidates with siblings in Canada. But now if any candidate has any siblings they can gain more points.

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How The Lawyers Can Help?

The processing time of the immigration application and PR can be very long. However, the application must be filled correctly. If it is not done correctly, the application may get rejected.

In case, a candidate fails to qualify for the CRS round, Toronto immigration lawyer can be very helpful. They can tell candidates various ways through which they can improve their CRS score next time when they apply for it.

Tell You Other Options

In case an applicant fails to qualify the CRS, Toronto immigration lawyer can provide the various options available to the candidates for immigrating to Canada. One such option is the spousal sponsorship program. They can be sponsored by a permanent Canada resident for sponsoring their immigration. The immigration lawyer can help in filing the applications correctly.

Another way for immigrating to Canada is by obtaining a work or a study permit. In fact, a good lawyer will ensure that you have filled your documents correctly so that you can get your immigration visa easily. After your application gets qualifies, they will see that you have settled down properly without facing any legal issues. A good Toronto immigration lawyer will educate the clients about PR laws so that you don’t face any problems.

It is very important to hire a professional lawyer especially when you plan to settle in Canada. They will help you to handle your immigration in a smooth way.

Benefits of Hiring Family Law Lawyers Oakville

You might have imagined number of times, a picture of a happy family. However, things might not go as you might have imagined. Sometimes certain events in your life can turn everything upside down and the picture of a perfect family gets destroyed.

Like you might have imagined your marriage is an ideal one. However, it can just turn opposite. You might find you are not able to stay with your partner any longer and you plan for a divorce. This is where family law sets in and one might need to take the help of family law lawyers Oakville. However, one thing which one should keep in mind is that family attorneys not only deal with divorce cases, but they can deal with a wide array of family law related cases.

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What Is Family Law?

Family law can be described as a body of statutes that rules out the legal duties among individuals who share a domestic relation. Hence, it can easily address issued related to family relationships, such as child custody, child support, divorce, and other matters related to marital property, etc.

Handling Family Law Cases with the Help of an Attorney

Family law is a very complex thing and for a normal person it is very difficult to handle and navigate safely through the complicated law. A person without a sound knowledge about family law cannot fight well for their right. In order to ensure that the all the court proceedings related to family law goes well, one should consider taking the help of family law lawyers Oakville. In fact, studies have shown that there are many benefits of hiring a family law lawyer. They are:

Knowledge of Family Law 

A family lawyer is highly knowledgeable. They remain updated about the changes made in the laws. Hence, they can easily represent clients in court for any kind of cases.  Being highly knowledgeable they will know the way to prepare for a case and present it.

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Great Support

A family law lawyers Oakville can provide great support to their clients. They can provide impartial advice on the way to proceed with a case. They will try to work for the best interest of the clients.

Chance of Success

 Hiring a family law lawyer can increase the chance of a case becoming successful. Having vast knowledge about family law, they will know the correct way to present the case so that it better results for the case can be achieved.

Awareness of Court Procedure

If one plans to fight any family law case on their own, they might not have proper idea of the standard procedures. A person may not be able to draft or file the documents properly. Failing to do the paperwork properly can affect the case. However, family law lawyers Oakville has proper idea of the laws and procedures. Thus, they will complete the paperwork’s accordingly.

Hence, it can be seen that working with a family law lawyer can be highly advantageous for a person. When you have a lawyer by your side, you can have complete peace of mind. The family law lawyers Oakville can help you understand the court proceedings and reduce your stress.


Toronto Criminal Lawyers Can Reduce Your Convicted Charge

Facing any kind of criminal charge can be very intimidating for any person. When a person is charged of a crime in Toronto, they will not only be forced to serve jail time and provide huge fine, but it can also get them a criminal record. Thus, it can be stated that as soon as a person is convicted of a criminal charge they should get in touch with leading Toronto criminal lawyers.

Fighting Criminal Charges with the Help Criminal Attorney

If you face an arrest for a crime that you or you may not have committed, then don’t try to take the laws in your own hand. Even if it sounds tempting to represent and fight the case on one‘s own, it would be better if one takes the help of a legal expert like criminal attorneys.

One should always fight their criminal charges with the help of criminal attorneys because Toronto criminal lawyers have wide years of experience in this field. They know the law very well and can easily provide advice on the steps that needs to be immediately taken by their clients.

In fact, the wide years of experience would make the process of navigation through the complicated law procedures very easy. For example, the attorney knows very well the steps that can be taken immediately after criminal arrest in order the interest of the clients. In short, it can be said that the attorneys will do their best in order to completely dismiss the charges or even less it.

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How A Criminal Lawyer Can Reduce The Charges?

There are many ways through which criminal attorneys can reduce the charges. They are:

Post Conviction Remedy

When an accused feel that they didn’t receive a fair judgment then the accused person can pot for post-conviction remedies. The Toronto criminal lawyers being highly knowledgeable can easily challenge the results handed by lower court. The lawyer may file a motion for a new trial and their high skill can go long in ensuring success of post-conviction remedies.

Apply for Reduction or Dismissal

Any top criminal lawyer after going through the case successfully can apply to reduce or dismiss the charge. They can talk with the prosecutor and file a motion. When the prosecutors can’t provide valid reasons for objection the charges can be reduced or dismissed.

Plea Bargaining

Toronto criminal lawyers can negotiate a plea bargain with the court and persecution. For this the accused can plead guilty for small crimes in order to get the charges of higher crimes get dropped. The penalties would be benignant in this case. Basically, a criminal lawyer can try to convince the prosecutor to reduce the number of charges in lieu of fine.

If you want to have a clean criminal record in Toronto or at the most you want your criminal charges to be reduced, you can take the help of skilled Toronto criminal lawyers. They will do their best in order to reduce or dismiss the misdemeanor or felony charges. If one hires an unskilled lawyer it can be inimical for the case.

Getting Refugee Application Approved In Canada with the Help of an Immigration Lawyer

Canada is a country which welcomes immigrants with an open heart. Many immigrants from all across the world are trying to settle down in Canada because of its stable economy and better job opportunities.

Canada provides refugee protection to people who have faced expulsion in their home country or the country where they have been living for long. Individuals can make refugee claim within Canada, when they arrive at the country by sea or land.

Refugee Status

In order to qualify for the refugee status in Canada, one needs to meet the following criteria. They are:

  • Convention Refugees Abroad

They are the persons whose case has been determined by an adjudicating body of the country of asylum or by the UNHCR. They easily meet the refugee definition which states that persons who live on the fear of facing expulsion based on race, political opinion, religion, or for being a member of a particular group. They have no solutions for resettling.

  • Country of Asylum Class

They are the persons who are facing a refugee like situation and do not qualify for Convention Refugees. In order to qualify for this category, the refugees are must remain outside their home country or have been affected by civil war.

A Canada immigration official decides if the claim for the refugee should be taken into consideration or not. If the refugee claim is made at the border crossing, then coming to a quick decision is possible. However, in case the claim is made at an immigration office inside Canada, the decision process can take a long time.

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Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

If you are planning to make a refuge claim should try to avoid lengthy periods of time for entering Canada. Each application for refugee status is evaluated by the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB). IRB considers many factors.

Hiring an immigration attorney who provides full range of immigration services can be very beneficial when filling the immigration application form. The reasons are:

In case a visa officer has any sort of question about the application, it can delay the processing. Sometimes it can even lead to rejection of the applications. Then the applicant needs to reapply. An immigration lawyer can help the applicants by carefully reviewing and preparing the application. It can reduce backlogs and the application must be processed swiftly.

An immigration application can get rejected if it is not accompanied with right documents, especially when one is applying under any program. Hiring an efficient immigration lawyer can help clients to arrange the necessary documents and file the application.

An immigration lawyer helps clients during the hearing with the Refugee Protection Division. During the hearing IRB listens to the applicant’s plea and their need for getting protection as they do not feel safe in their home country. An immigration lawyer helps clients to get prepared for the hearing.

In case the refugee claim gets rejected, lawyer can help clients in appealing to the Refugee Appeal Division by filing the Notice of Appeal form. As long as the case goes, a good lawyer will always remain by the side of the client.

Fighting Your Case with the Help of Toronto Criminal Attorney

If you have been charged of a crime, it is always better to take the services of a Toronto criminal attorney. It is crucial to hire an experienced lawyer as being professionals they can easily represent your case in the court. Usually, prefer to handle their cases on their own. Or, you might feel inclined to let things go and allow the justice system triumph, as you know that you have done no wrong. However, it’s better to take the help of an experienced lawyer for representing your case. They can help you to get fair trial.

Meet Your Lawyer

In order to ensure the fact that the lawyer is qualified enough, to represent you in the court, it becomes important to meet the attorney in advance. The criminal defense attorney will try to listen to the case in details. Then they will try to prepare a strategy which can help clients to be proved as innocent.

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Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

Expertise of Criminal Lawyer

In Toronto the criminal justice is very complicated. It involves various levels of intricacies. When you get charged with a criminal offense, a criminal defense attorney can guide you through the steps that need to be taken. Firstly, you must ensure that the attorney is specialized in federal criminal law. As federal criminal charges have maximum sentences and huge financial penalties. Therefore, while choosing a criminal attorney, it is important to understand their expertise.


Based on the nature of allegation, a criminal lawyer can help to prevent criminal charges filed against you. The lawyer can easily manage the flow of information between the accused and law enforcement officer. They can guide clients on what information to share and what not to share.


After an arrest, the main aim of a person is to get out of jail. Criminal defense attorney can represent clients during bail hearings. In fact, a lawyer will try to squabble with the attorney to ensure that you get a good deal for the information that you are going to provide.


Criminal defense attorneys will carry out through investigation and research on the evidences and cross examine witnesses in order to prove you innocent. They will see to it all facts are presented in front of the jury.


During trial a criminal attorney will try to represent the supportive facts for your case. He will also try to highlight that the state has not been able to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt.

Plea Agreement

An effective Toronto criminal attorney will try to make plea bargains for the clients. Being experiences, they will know if the plea that is being offered to you is good or not. They can even help clients by getting the charges dropped or reduced.

If you are charged with a crime, which you have not committed, it’s better to take the help of a criminal defense attorney. They will fight your case and protect you from getting convicted.